16 d’abr. 2012

Güork in progress

Heus aquí algunes fotos del procés de preparació del cotxe: baca, fixacions, il·luminació, nova ràdio, inversor dc/ac, snorkel, pino ambientador:

11 d’abr. 2012

...and there will be light!

Un-epic "ueeeeh" moment:

With the pistons a pumpin', and the hubcaps all gleam

Good news! Excellent reviews about the Fiat Seicento on the net. We can't wait doing an emergency brake before hitting a yak with it:

"(...) The car handles like Bambi on ice. It wallows into corners as if the suspension is made of marshmallows and it always feels as if the front end is going to slip away at the very first oppurtunity. The engine is loud, I SAID THE ENGINE IS LOUD! If you plan on going faster than 30mph then prepare to shout to hear yourself in converstion. The official figures for acceleration is 0-60, 14.5 seconds. I'd say that you should really add a couple of seconds on to that. The car will also, apparently, do 90 mph but once you reach 70mph you'll be wanting to hit the wooden brakes in fear"

Anyway, useless technical specs for petrolheads:

Cilindros: 4, in line
Válvulas por cilindro: 2
Capacidad: 1108 cm3
Diámetro x carrera: 70,0 x 72,0 mm
Compresión: 9,6:1
Potencia máxima: 40 kW (54 cv)
Potencia máxima RPM: 5000 rpm
Par máximo: 88 Nm
Par máximo RPM: 2750 rpm
Sistema de combustible: multipoint injection
Tipo de motor: ohc
Turbo: no
Catalizador: regular

Velocidad máxima: 150 km/h
Aceleración 0-100 km/h: 14,5 s
Consumo urbano: 8,3 l/100km
Consumo extra-urbano: 4,7 l/100km
Promedio Consumo: 6,0 l/100km